Body Treatments

Body Treatments

Bernardita Beauty offers a superb array of packages to give any occasion that extra special touch.

Our expert Treatment Specialists will help your body skin look great again. They will rejuvenate your skin, restore your skin's radiance while gently relaxing your mind and body.

On this page you will be able to find a variety of treatments, from carefully selected Body treatments to Neck and Breast Firming treatments. Our treatments are designed to help cleanse and revitalize your body, and at the same time will give your body a slender look.

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This treatment is ideal for pain relief.

£35.00 - One treatment. Courses Available


Back Cleanser for Congested skin

This special treatment for cleansing and removing impurities in your back.

£35.00 - One treatment. Courses Available

Spa Black Mud Treatment Re-Balancing

This treatment is ideal for relieving aching muscles and joints providing a relaxing and calming effect.

£60.00 - One treatment. Courses Available

Spa Gaiamar Topical Fangotherapy

This treatment is ideal for people who suffer from psoriasis, dermatitis, eczema, acne or scalp seborrhoea. It also helps to eliminate oedemas of cellulities.

£60.00 - One treatment. Courses Available

Spa Firming Breast treatment

This treatment tones and firms the bust area, nourishes the skin using a revolutionary new enzyme.

£300.00 - Course of 8 sessions

Spa Anti-Fatigue Treatment for Shoulder and Back

This is designed to help you with aching joints and muscles.
The treatment will increase the skin temperature and improve blood micro circulation as well as making you feel more energetic and relaxed and give you a pleasant sensation of lightness.

£42.00 - One treatment. Courses Available

Neck and Breast Firming Treatment

This treatment is specificaly designed for Neck and Brest Firming and will help to restore your skin's normal appearance.

£400.00 - Course of 8 sessions


Slimming Treatments

Slimming Treatments

Excessive weight is a problem that affects millions of women of all ages and sizes.
At Bernardita Clinic will help you loose those dimpled, fatty deposits on the thighs and buttocks or the rest of the body that can't seem to shift.

At our clinic you will achieve rapid inch-loss as well as a long term reduction in the really stubborn areas of fat that are typically resistant to exercise such as the abdomen or outer thigh.

Have a look at our treatments and come to our clinic to help you choose the treatment that suits your body needs.

Slimming Body Massage Lymphatic Drainage

This help's get rid of the toxins in your body by using one of the best of our BELNATUR products. It will help you lose inches!

£55.00 - One treatment. Courses Available

G5 treatment

This deep vibratory massage treatment increases your blood circulation, stimulates your metabolism, improves muscle tone, breaks down fat and cellulite.

£35.00 - One treatment. Courses Available